Flip Tease will be pressing the pause button for a couple of weeks.

FAQs & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Flip Tease will be pressing the pause button for a couple of weeks. We will be pushing all classes back two weeks. As soon as this is updated in our scheduling software, we will announce it again.
Please stay healthy and safe! 

What can I Expect When I Come to My First Pole Class?
Please remove any jewelry before class. (If you have something that cannot be removed, you will need to cover it with a band-aid or piece of tape.) Basic athletic wear such as leggings and a tank top are suggested.  We will be barefoot. If you have your own yoga mat you may use it, otherwise one will be provided for you. Please do not use lotion or oils the day of your class. Be prepared to have FUN!

What Class is Right for Me?

You can read descriptions of the classes we offer here. If you are still unclear, please feel free to ask us! (805) 619-9470

"I don't think I am ______ enough to pole dance."

We hear it all the time, but please know that you really don't need to be  anything but eager and willing to try. The women who attend our studio are of a diverse range of ages, body types and backgrounds.  Please remember: everyone was once a beginner.

Do you offer Special Events and Parties?

Yes! We love to host parties! Visit our "Parties" page for more details or feel free to contact us if you would like more information on scheduling your special event or party at Flip Tease.  (805) 619-9470


Studio Policies


Arrive On Time (5-10 minutes early)

We ask that students arrive at least five minutes before class to check in and prepare for class. We will not allow people to enter class 5 minutes after start time. This is for your safety and the consideration of our other students. There will be no refund if a class is missed due to tardiness.

Cell Phones

We ask that you silence your phone for the duration of your visit to provide a distraction-free environment for all. If you will be dancing, please plan on choosing your songs before class so you are not looking through your phone while other women are dancing.

Photo Policy

When appropriate, we do allow cell phones for taking pictures and videos- ask you instructor before filming or taking photos. Please be considerate and make sure only the intended people are in the shot. From time-to-time, teachers or members of studio staff may request group photos or action shots for advertising and promotional materials on our website and social media pages. It will be clearly stated that photos being taken will be used for promotional purposes. Flip Tease will never tag students in photos. If, for whatever reason, you do not want your face associated with Flip Tease (we are not offended) we will offer fun masks that can be worn, we encourage you to turn your face away from the camera, or ask that you choose not to participate.

Refunds & Class Make-Up Policy

Six-week sessions and class pass cards are allowed one makeup if a class during the session is missed. You are only allowed one makeup per session. Your make-up is good for 1 year from the date of issuance. Refunds will be issued for medical reasons only.

We Love Our Community!

Be kind, help, and support each other. You may notice our walls aren’t covered in mirrors. Please allow yourself to enjoy the way our classes make you feel rather than letting yourself get caught-up in what you look like. We encourage our students to cheer each other on and have fun. We encourage open communication and appreciate your positive feedback and constructive suggestions.

Honor the Group

Always feel free to make modifications during class to honor your body and avoid injury. But, please follow the group as best you can so we can all feed off the combined effort. Please arrive on time for class and avoid leaving class early. Enjoy your class and be grateful for the time you have set aside for yourself.